Destination weddings

A bagpiper is a fun surprise and memorable addition to any destination wedding!

Picture your ceremony on a beautiful sunset beach in the warm tropics, with your closest friends and family.

Imagine a bagpiper piping you into the ceremony area for your grand entrance.

You’ll love the fun surprise, and incredible memory a piper will bring to your special day!

The beautiful sound of the bagpipes is a strong family tradition for most Scottish and Irish families. The bagpipes are also perfect for honoring policemen and firefighters.

Just because you’re planning a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic or any other tropical location, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having a traditional Scottish bagpiper play at your wedding.

While all the resorts can set you up with a DJ, officiant, food, photographer and just about anything else you may need- there are no bagpipers in the Dominican Republic to play for weddings. That’s why the resorts are very excited to have my business contact information- I’m willing to be there for your day!

I’ve piped for quite a few weddings in the Dominican Republic- a few In the beautiful resorts in Punta Cana, and several in La Romana resorts. I’ve worked with many of the event coordinators, and it’s easy to figure out the details so that I can be a part of your wedding ceremony and maybe a reception, too. For the biggest WOW! save my piping as a surprise for your recessional!

I’ll meet with you at the resort before the wedding, and we can go over the details with your coordinator. It’s nice to be able to talk through and maybe walk through, exactly what you’ve envisioned for your ceremony.

Let me know if you have a special tune in mind. I can also help you choose the perfect tune or tunes for each part of your ceremony. Maybe you’d love for me to play the Outlander Theme Song as you walk in. Or maybe the Braveheart Love Theme. I have a nice selection of beautiful traditional Scottish and Irish tunes, as well as several popular romantic tunes you can select from.

The resorts are amazing! The ceremony locations are stunning and vary from romantic sunset beach settings- to gorgeous fountain, tropical gazebo and balcony areas.

I can be at the resort for the wedding, and for the rehearsal if you need me. Usually, about 3-4 days/nights for me to be there, works well. I’ll work with you to make a plan that best fits your budget and needs.

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