A bagpiper at any wedding venue can be as prominent or as discreet as you like. Any or all of your ceremony and reception can be filled with Scottish or Irish music, heritage and pride. Whether your wedding ceremony is inside a majestic church, or outdoors at a scenic park; the bagpipes are the perfect instrument to help make your wedding day an incredible memory!

A bagpiper at a wedding adds a unique and memorable Scottish, Irish or Celtic touch. There is nothing like the Incredible sound of the Great Highland Bagpipes and the presence of a piper in full Highland Regalia, to wow your guests!

Whether your ceremony is inside a majestic church or outdoors at a scenic park; the bagpipes are the perfect instrument to help make your day an incredible memory!
The sound of the pipes can be as prominent or discreet as you like. Maybe the piper for the bride’s grand processional is all you’re looking for. Or maybe the piper playing for all the bridal party processionals, or perhaps at the end for the recessional would be perfect.

For the biggest WOW! Save the bagpiper for a surprise for the recessional!
I offer a variety of traditional, sacred and popular tunes. Including the very popular STARZ hit series Outlander theme song! The love theme from the hit movie, Braveheart is very popular, too; “Love of a Princess”.
And for the more traditional bride, “Here Comes the Bride” is always a wonderful option.

Are you looking for something more Irish or Celtic? Sweet Irish tunes sound lovely on the bagpipes and are frequently requested. “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”, is perfect for the bride’s processional or at the end for the recessional.

“Danny Boy” and “Tura Lura Lura”, are also beautiful.
Non-traditional tunes are fun on the pipes- I play some unique tunes!
I am one of the few pipers willing to play non-traditional and popular tunes.

Are you a U of M alumni? “Hail to the Victors” is really fun to hear on the bagpipes. Everyone loves it! The “Star Wars” Imperial March, is another great tune on the pipes- and often requested as one of the tunes to be played as guests are leaving the ceremony.

I am the preferred bagpiper at most of the popular SE Michigan wedding venues;
Royal Park Hotel, Masonic Temple, Cranbrook House and Gardens, Canterbury Village, Indianwood Country Club, Grosse Pointe Country Club and many other Country Clubs,

Let me know what you’re looking for or if you have a special tune in mind. I am more than happy to work with you to help make your wedding day just as you’ve always dreamed it!

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Here are some suggestions for incorporating the pipes at a wedding:

Before The Ceremony
  • ~The presence of the bagpiper and the sound of the pipes for 15-20 minutes,     welcoming your guests as they arrive
The Ceremony
  • The piper playing for all the processionals; parents, bridal party, groom and groomsmen
  • The magnificent sound of the pipes leading the bride in for her grand processional!
  • A beautiful slow Air played before, during or after a Handfasting ceremony, sand ceremony, candle lighting or communion
After the Ceremony
  • The bagpiper saved as a “surprise” for the recessional, leading the newlyweds out in celebration!
  • Piper playing 10-15 minutes as guests leave the ceremony
At the Reception
  • Bagpiper playing outside as friends and family arrive at the reception venue
  • The piper leading in the wedding party. Or maybe just the newlyweds for their grand entrance!
  • Amazing Grace piped as a prayer before the meal

Which bagpipe should you use?

There are three different volumes of bagpipes available. I will help you pick the one that works best for your venue and room size.

  • The Great Highland Bagpipes are the favorite and you often hear these at a wedding. They have the traditional sound most people are familiar with.
  • Gibson Small Pipes are a much softer volume bagpipe and are more appropriate for small rooms, indoors, where the traditional pipes might overwhelm.
    Irish tunes sound particularly lovely on these softer pipes and I have a nice selection of Irish tunes for the Gibson pipes.
  • Walsh Shuttle Pipes are very soft and work well in a very intimate setting or with a microphone.

Which Tunes Should You Choose?

Processional and Recessional tunes make a big impression. Choose a tune that touches your heart, or reflects your family or wedding theme.

There is a list of suggested tunes on my “Tunes” page. You can listen to tunes on my YouTube channel.

Here are a few of the most popular tunes:

Murdo’s Wedding, Mairi’s Wedding, Skye Boat, Scotland the Brave, Here Comes the Bride, Green Hills, Highland Cathedral,  Hail to the Victors, Minstrel Boy, When Irish Eyes are Smiling, Love of a Princess- from Braveheart.

Usually one piper is plenty and makes a big impression. But sometimes a few pipers and maybe a drummer would be appropriate. I can arrange for additional pipers, drummers- even a whole bagpipe band!

A bagpiper at a wedding adds a unique and memorable Scottish, Irish or Celtic touch.