Funerals and memorials

A professional bagpiper is appropriate for any type of funeral, memorial service, or military service, either at the church, funeral home or graveside. A bagpiper is also a nice touch at a VFW post, banquet venue, park or private home.

Imagine the distant, mournful sound of the bagpipes at the cemetery

Envision the honoring prescence of a funeral bagpiper leading your family’s procession into the service

Reflect on the heart touching sound of the bagpipes, as the piper plays “Amazing Grace” or “Danny Boy”

Bagpipes playing before and after a military service is a moving and powerful tribute. I have been commissioned to play the bagpipes for many of the area’s military funerals. Both retired veterans, and recently fallen soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Are you looking for an Irish or Celtic funeral piper? I am one of the few bagpipers willing to play endearing Irish tunes such as “Danny Boy”, “When Irish Eyes are Smiling” and “Tura-lura-lura”. I have transposed several hymns for the bagpipes such as “What Wondrous Love Is This” and “The Love of God”.

Are you a University of Michigan fan or alumni? “Hail to the Victors” is quickly becoming a favorite request

The possibilies of bagpipe music for funerals include: Before the service:
  • BagPiping outside or inside the church or funeral home as friends and family arrive
  • “Going Home” or a special slow air or hymn piped to start the service
  • The funeral bagpiper leading the family procession into the funeral service with a beautiful Scottish or Irish tune or hymn
During the service:
  • A special tune piped during communion or after a special moment in the service
After the service:
  • The funeral bagpiper playing “Amazing Grace” or “Danny Boy” while leading the casket and family out to the hearse
  • Appropriate tunes piped while friends and family say good bye as they pass by the casket or urn
At a luncheon or meal following the service:
  • Have the bagpiper playing to greet your friends and family

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I am the preferred bagpiper for many of the area cemeteries and funeral homes,
providing bagpipe music for funerals and memorial services.

Which Bagpipe should you choose?

There are three different types of bagpipes available to choose from.

Whether it’s a large gathering of friends and family at a funeral or memorial, or just a small intimate few at a graveside; the touching sound of the bagpipes and the presence of a bagpiper will be a memory you and your family will always cherish.

At the cemetery chapel or graveside:
  • Allow the wonderful sound of the bagpipes to greet you as you drive up in procession
  • “Amazing Grace” piped as the casket is carried from the hearse
  • The funeral bagpiper playing solemn tunes as the urn is carried to its final resting place
  • Uplifting tunes piped nearby or off in the distance as guests say their final farewells
At a luncheon or meal following the service:
  • Have the bagpiper playing to greet your friends and family
Viewing at the funeral home:
  • “Amazing Grace” piped before or after a special prayer service
  • The Gibson Small Pipes are the perfect touch and volume for background bagpipe music for funerals and viewings. A nice variety of Scottish and Irish tunes are available
Cemetery memorials and holidays:
  • A bagpiper is perfect for any small family gathering at the cemetery. This makes for an intimate memorial service.
  • A birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is a sweet time to celebrate your loved one’s memory. I’ll meet you at the graveside for a bit of piping